About Us Old

Supply large volumes of certified personal protective equipment (PPE) to stop the spread of COVID-19 and keep our frontline healthcare workers safe.

Give Masks was started by Bill Levey and Dan Fine to support the healthcare workers responding to COVID-19. Inspired by the doctors and healthcare professionals in their families, Bill and Dan brought together their resources, networks, and supplier relationships to make a difference. They immediately assembled a team of 20+ passionate professionals and volunteers to deliver what has turned into millions of PPE supplies to stop the spread of COVID-19. Meet our team here and follow us on social @givemasks.

Give Masks enables citizens, companies and other donors to provide masks, respirators and other PPE to our nation’s frontline of healthcare workers as quickly as possible. We assess and provide relief to the greatest areas of needs as best we can, with an emphasis on areas in which COVID-19 cases are increasing.

Additionally, Give Masks works with hospitals, governments and companies to procure and deliver the same products on their behalf. Through our reliable supply chain of vetted, certified manufacturers we deliver fast, large scale solutions to protect healthcare workers on the frontlines fighting coronavirus.

Last, to protect the availability of critical supplies for those who need it most, we currently do not provide masks to consumers or organizations unaffiliated with frontline healthcare or emergency services.

Through our established supply chains, Give Masks provides FDA or equivalent approved protective gear for healthcare workers. In addition to the most needed prophylactic masks and respirators, we also provide gloves, shields, gowns, sanitizers, swabs, wipes, thermometers and other gear deemed essential to protect healthcare workers from exposure to coronavirus.

Give Masks works in partnership with The Helena Foundation, a 501(c)(3) tax-exempt organization dedicated to addressing societal problems. Your donation is tax deductible as a charitable contribution. All contributions are used to purchase masks and other PPE and to deliver them directly to frontline healthcare workers.